Your local tattoo studio “Tattooing is my passion and I love to create masterpieces that people will cherish; but that’s only part of my job”. Nasa’s work involves a lot more than turning up and tattooing, there are many facets involved. Tattoo Design You should love your tattoo, and your tattoo design should be drawn to fit your personality. Whether you have something in mind and you need some ‘Nasa’ness added to it, or you have a specific tattoo design and need talent to execute it, pop in for a visit and have a chat to him, you won’t be disappointed.

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The Lucky Room Tattoo Studio

Your local tattoo artist in Tauranga and Mount Maunganui

When you want a tattoo, you need to find a top-quality artist, after all, this is a permanent addition to your body.

Welcome Nasa to Tauranga.

Originally from Brazil, Nasa has travelled the world tattooing in a variety of countries and picking up amazing tattoo styles and designs along the way. Making his way around more than 32 countries, Nasa has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

After travelling around the Pacific Islands and perfecting his unique style of Pacific tribal tattoos, Nasa called New Zealand home for 19 years, the locals and tourists enjoy Nasa’s fresh and innovative style.

Get it right the first time

Hammerhead Tattoos is a tattoo shop that produces beautiful designs and breath-taking pieces; creativity has no limitations, and Nasa is bursting with creativity.

“Creativity is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

Whether you come in with a tattoo in mind, or you want some help designing a tattoo, Nasa can help turn your design into a work of art.

Nasa is an artist that is devoted to his craft, and his commitment to you is to create a tattoo that you’ll love for years to come. We do it all at the lucky Room tattoo shop, from simple custom designs to full sleeves.

Nasa has a gift for tattooing, whilst he loves conventional tattoos, Nasa has a lot of experience with Pacific and Japanese tattoo art too. Why not see what creations Nasa can come up with for you.

Introduction to The Lucky Room

Introduction to The Lucky Room

Nasa Tattooing

Nasa Tattooing