About Nasa

Why are you called Hammerhead Tattoos?

A tattoo is a permanent feature that you are adding to your body, so you want it to be amazing right? When you’ve found the right tattoo artist that has the skill, expertise and raw talent to deliver a truly stunning piece, you know you are at Hammerhead Tattoos.

Meet the artist

Originally from Brazil, Nasa is a citizen of the world, having travelled through more than 32 countries, he’s picked up some unique talents.

Tattooing for over 26 years, across different countries and continents, Nasa has developed an eclectic mix of tattoo styles.

Nasa has chose Tauranga to call home, after living and running few successful shops around the world; Through his career Nasa was invited to give interviews in the News, Tv, newspapers, music videos, and more. His work was published in the best tattoo magazines around the world and to this day his reputation still proceeds him.

Nasa pulled back from the glitz and glamour of the tattoo conventions to concentrate on family and his craft.

“Having three children really puts your life in perspective, family is everything, whether you come in for a tattoo or you send your wife, husband, adult child or parents in to see me, you can be assured that they will be well looked after”.

The Lucky Room tattoo studio is spotlessly sterile; so, come in, take a seat in our comfortable chair, listen to your favourite music, sit back and let Nasa work his magic!

Nasa understands that no matter where on your body you choose to tattoo, the process is a private one; Nasa ensures that you feel like you are in your own private studio whilst getting your tattoo, so you feel comfortable and respected.

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Are you Googling ‘tattoo shop near me?’

Look no further!

Sit back relax and let’s create some art. Hammerhead Tattoos sets the standards for tattooing in Tauranga, so why not pop into Our Place and meet Nasa today.


Your local tattoo studio “Tattooing is my passion and I love to create masterpieces that people will cherish; but that’s only part of my job”. Nasa’s work involves a lot more than turning up and tattooing, there are many facets involved. Tattoo Design You should love your tattoo, and your tattoo design should be drawn to fit your personality. Whether you have something in mind and you need some ‘Nasa’ness added to it, or you have a specific tattoo design and need talent to execute it, pop in for a visit and have a chat to him, you won’t be disappointed.