After Tattoo Care

Keep your Tattoo Clean and Hydrated

Wash your tattoo well 5+ times a day with any kind of soap, rinse well and pat dry. Try not to leave any slimy residue after washing otherwise a scab may form. Scabs are not a good thing, you want to try to avoid them. If this happens keep washing “gently” but really well and use a very thin layer of cream. I recommend BEPANTHEN.

Don’t Let Your Tattoo Dry

Don’t let your tattoo dry out when healing. Use Bepanthen, ensuring that you don’t double dip; don’t use the same finger in the cream to avoid contamination of the tube for anyone else using it.

No Direct Sun

No direct sun for at least 7 days, it will dry out and fade colours, after this time use the highest protection sunblock you can buy. We recommend using sunscreen forever especially if it’s a colourful tattoo, not to mention it helps block out those harmful UV Rays.

If you work under the sun wear covered clothing.

No Swimming

Swimming pools are polluted with many chemicals and bacteria and the ocean has salt and iodine, neither is good for the healing. Stay out of the water until your tattoo has healed.

Surfing with a fresh tattoo can destroy your tattoo.

No Picking or Scratching

Don’t pick or scratch, no matter how itchy it might be, try tapping or scratching around the area but definitely not on the tattoo.

Don’t Let Anyone Touch Your Fresh Tattoo.

Try to steer clear of touching your tattoo or allowing others to touch it. Not only could you open yourself up to infection, you can also spoil the great work that’s been done.

Follow these instructions for the first week, I recommend using a moisturiser daily for 3 months.

Remember It’s Only 7 Days of Sacrifice for You To Have A Beautiful Tattoo For The Rest Of Your Life.

If you follow our instructions, we provide a guarantee of a free touch up if needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please come into our Gold Coast tattoo studio or contact us.


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