The art of Japanese Tattoos

Japanese tattooing is a cumulation of centuries gone by. With its own distinct style, process and ink, Japanese tattoos are an art that not many tattooists have mastered.

Japanese tattoo art is also known as Irezumi; every tattoo has a depth and meaning. Japanese tattoos are recognised for their traditionally colourful style.

Having travelled through Japan, Nasa spent time learning the art of Japanese tattooing. Using both modern and/or traditional methods, Nasa produces stunning and vibrant pieces that are as authentic and intrinsic as you’d find in a Japanese tattoo shop itself.

Since Japanese tattooing holds significance and meaning Nasa can help you find a design that is relevant to you, both in taste and meaning.

Hammerhead Tattoos of New Zealand

Check out our gallery to see a sample of our Japanese tattoos, a mixture of bold and beautiful, perfect for a variety of tastes. Experience our work and feel the difference when you are at Hammerhead Tattoos in Tauranga.

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