Tattooing in the Pacific Islands means a lot more to a man; tattoos can tell the story of a person, and if you look closely you might be able to see their life’s journey to date. Pacific tattoos are closely linked to a person’s heritage, roots, and no tattoo is ever chosen just because it looks good; A real Pacific tattoos must have meaning.

Important for you to know

For us ‘not Maori’, it’s not advised to get their facial tattoos on us, no way; but on the rest of your body, that’s fine. As you also can see islanders wearing tattoos of different cultures.

But remember is very important to know the meaning behind the Pacific tattoo you have chosen, and get one drawn specifically for you; if you copy a Pacific tattoo design from a magazine or another person, you will have someone else’s family and journey on your arm.

So many people mistakenly say that they have an authentic Maori tattoo, when in actual fact they could be having another tattoo from a different island.

Only those specialised in the art of Maori would know that also the difference between tattoos for man and woman, and between Maori and other cultures. Don’t trust your Pacific tattoo to just anyone, come and talk to Nasa today. Nasa travelled most of the known Pacific Islands and he himself got taught by the best!

Pacific tattooing with a Nasa twist

After immersing himself in the Pacific Islands culture, Nasa was able to get a solid grasp on the unique style of Pacific tattooing.

Nasa was able to take the Pacific Tattoos and develop his own style of shading and super black patterns that are recognised around the world.

With Pacific tattoos are said to come protection, so get the right tattoo with the proper meaning, and honour a time-old tradition.

Hammerhead Tattoos honours tradition

The tattoos from the Pacific are one of the most primitive body art forms on the planet; it’s a strong belief that tattoos started in the Pacific Islands, also the name “tattoo” coming from the sound that the tapping tattoo tools create “tata tata too too too”.

Pacific tattoos were also used to describe what island you came from, easily disguising Islands apart by their unique patterns.

For more than 2000 years, they have been doing this sacred ritual, especially in Samoa. In 1999 Nasa represented Brazil in Samoa along with tattooists from all over the world.

“It was a very powerful feeling to be there and be treated with so much respect for what I do.”

Nasa Style

‘Nasa style tattoos’ are a fusion from the Islands that Nasa has travelled to and lived in. Nasa combined different patterns so you can tell your story, your life’s journey, have your family represented on you, and protected by the Gods! In this gallery you will also find different tribal styles from west coast of North America to Scandinavian mountains.

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