Tattoo Cover Ups

Don’t get a tattoo you like, get a tattoo you love!

An ugly tattoo can lower your self-esteem, or a tattoo can be a reminder of a time that you want to forget; whatever your reasons for a tattoo cover-up.

Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself, honour a loved one, and for some people they just like the way they look. A good tattoo can be something to cherish, and since you’ll have it forever you should love it.

But what if you don’t like your tattoo?

You can choose to laser off your tattoo, but keep in mind that it can be a long process of fading the picture, so it will look worse for quite some time before it is actually removed 100%.

“From my personal experience I can say, it hurts like hell!!”

We recommend you talk to a professional first and consider the option of a tattoo cover-up before the laser journey.


Your local tattoo studio “Tattooing is my passion and I love to create masterpieces that people will cherish; but that’s only part of my job”. Nasa’s work involves a lot more than turning up and tattooing, there are many facets involved. Tattoo Design You should love your tattoo, and your tattoo design should be drawn to fit your personality. Whether you have something in mind and you need some ‘Nasa’ness added to it, or you have a specific tattoo design and need talent to execute it, pop in for a visit and have a chat to him, you won’t be disappointed.