Who should get a tattoo?

A tattoo is a personal choice and for those that want to express themselves a tattoo can be a statement. Whether you want to honour a loved one, to keep your memories with you, or it’s a spur of the moment decision that marks a time in your life, a tattoo can show a wild, curious and fun side of you.

A tattoo doesn’t need to have a meaning behind it, you can get a tattoo just because you like the look of it. Whilst you might not know or realise it at the time, you will naturally gravitate towards a tattoo that holds a meaning to you. Relax, one day it will all become clear, and the meaning will transpire.

“My advice is to choose something you like the look of, but don’t decide until you find something you love.”

Are you too old for a tattoo?

You’re never too old to get a tattoo.

It doesn’t matter what tattoo you get, or at what time of life you get it, your tattoo will signify that time in your life. Whilst a tattoo can be empowering, it won’t change you, it’s just a decoration on your body, but it will make you look heaps cooler!

Your tattoo artist – Say it with ink!

“As a tattoo artist I love putting your vision in ink. I’m Nasa and I am your local tattoo artist”.

When you want a tattoo, get one you love, and get it done by a professional that has a wealth of experience behind them.

Come and talk to Nasa at your local tattoo shop in Tauranga on the beautiful Bay of Plenty. Say it with ink!

“We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows in our work”.


Your local tattoo studio “Tattooing is my passion and I love to create masterpieces that people will cherish; but that’s only part of my job”. Nasa’s work involves a lot more than turning up and tattooing, there are many facets involved. Tattoo Design You should love your tattoo, and your tattoo design should be drawn to fit your personality. Whether you have something in mind and you need some ‘Nasa’ness added to it, or you have a specific tattoo design and need talent to execute it, pop in for a visit and have a chat to him, you won’t be disappointed.